Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cannible Corpse

I have a lot to report, I hope to post a lot more often now.

I went out with Yuki to meat two of her friends Yoko and Nabe. So we go to east shinjuku to meat them for dinner. Ok cool, a japanese dinner, some beers, and good company, im looking forward to this. But I didn't know how much more awesome it would be. We went to a place called Tokyo Hormone Society, i didn't know the name at the time, we were just going some place no big deal, this kinda foods normal in japan i guess, no need to mention what it is. IT'S GUTS. We ate GUTS. And I must say they were delicious! Who would have though stomach fat, intestine, heart over a charcoal fire with a side of fresh liver would have been so delicious.

I think this is intestine or as Yuki calls it, 'poo poo road' on the grill. It was damn good! I can't believe it. When i bit into it, something shot out of it, whatever it was, I hope it was a blister full of fat juices rather than a sack of warmed puss, but whatever it was was fuggin tastey!

This didn't set off my radar at all. A raw egg nestled ontop of a mound of meat. But I figure Japanese are good about these things and it must be safe to eat or why would they serve it?! Raw meat, i gotta saw, you must eat this sometime. Food in it's raw state is so tasty.

I think this is stomach far. On of my favorites.

This was a boring one. This one's just meat you put on the grill.

I think this is heart. It was still beating a little. I helped it stop.

I think this ones a womb. A womb.

This ones tongue.
I don't know what animal we ate, but i thank them very much. You were delicious and an awesome cultural experience. The name of the place was on their shirts. I thought it was so awesome 'Tokyo Hormone society'. I asked the waiter if they sold shirts there and he said no :(. A couple minutes later he came back with a staff shirt and called someone up on the phone. I dunno if he was asking his boss something or what but after a brief conversation, he handed me a shirt! Heck yeah! It's a bit small, I gotta loose some of my man weight before i can rightly fit into the shirt, but i was so happy to have the shirt as it was. This was such an amazing night, I don't know if i thanked yuki properly for taking me out like this. I had a blast!

but, then it was Karaoke time! Fuck yeah!! So we went around the block to a place with a big gutted cyborg dead looking demon on the ceiling/wall (I'll try to dig up a picture of this later). I thank my tourguide at for this venue. This place was great, Yuki butt and vagina fingered a wall mural and we sang all kinds of bad 80's music from all the hair bands we could find. It was a blast, but i was bummed because it was rumored that they had slayer on the list there, but i could only find a little bit of an english selection in the book :(. Yuki showed me how to type bands names in so i gave it a shot. I, R, O, HOLY SHIT! Iron Maiden! Iron Maiden showed up on the list in the song picker device, so i queued up run for the hills in memory of Raz so we rocked out to that. I had found the golden list too late, i only had time for a couple songs. Slayer Karaoke is a hoot. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it.

Two fingers yuki? lol, you beast.

2 in the pink 1 in the stink. I didn't even teach her that.
Oh, you know it's true!

Thanks for an incredible night Yuki, Yoko, and Nabe. Times like this i think is what is most important in life. You guys are the best.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Oh God, so much going on. If i try to post the pictures that i've taken narrative style, i'll never get this updated. I'll try to hit some of the highlights first then dump more images after.